Ministry of Steak

Last Monday, DH brought me to try our the new restaurant at Serangoon Garden. According to DH, this restaurant is open by one of the chef from Aston. It is located opposite the existing Aston Serangoon Garden.

This is Bea's new pose!

They gave us complimentary fries.

No photos of food.. cos it was almost 9pm when I finished work & pick Bea up from my mum's place.

Probably is a restaurant or it's still new, they seem to be a little slower compare to the Aston opposite. Quite a few requests from customers especially the middle age couple that were sat next to us, the man had many complains!

Pringles - Soft Shell Crab

Bought this to munch while enjoying the movie. Didn't ate much, became Bea's junk food after dinner.

Oakley Sunglasses

Bought this to replace my smashed G.sunglasses.

On our way to watch 2010 movie. Left Bea with my mum, younger cousins were there to play with her. By time I went back, she was busy playing wii. Too busy playing, no time to nap.

Seng Kang Swimming Complex

Brought Bea to the swimming complex at our district together with Warren.

Isn't this look fun? There have slides, tunnels, children playground and even a sheltered pool. Only thing was I didn't noticed that the pool is 1.2m throughout, hit my angle hard on the floor when I try to stand in the middle of pool.

Monopoly Singapore

T2 McDonald. Wanted to collect some game labels but they run out of it.

Bea exchanging for a free apple pie at the counter with one of those label collected previously.

Bea enjoying her apple pie.

The fathers trying to figure out why does McDonald place the potato picture on their fries box?

Busy with the iPhone games.

Picture of Christal taken by Bea with my phone.

Diana at Mt Alvernia

Is it a girl's thing? Nowadays, Bea would request to do this & that in the morning when I told her to get ready to go out. It is taking me longer than before to get her out of the house!

Saturday we took the MRT to visit Diana at Mt. Alvernia, she had just given birth to a baby girl, Sharmayne.

Empty train to Marymount station.

On our way back, Bea running on the slope while I was busy snapping photos from the travelator.

Zoo with Jaydon

Ana & I called in to Little Ones Club to reserved the zoo pass a month ago. So here we are at the zoo with our children. Since we have saved on the entrance fee, decided to rent the wagon for the children. With this wagon, we end up saving on the tram too. Ana say its more fun to walk.

Bea waiting for Jaydon.

Ana bought these to keep them occupied along the way.

Not forgetting to spend some fun time at kidzworld. We didn't opted for the waterplay as Bea had just recovered from a cough.

Some snap shots of their expressions. Like these...

Bumpy rides along the timber uneven road is fun too.

CHC Kids

The play gym was closed for checking on the new trampoline, to make sure it is safely installed for the children. Meanwhile, the children were told to play at either the bouncing castles, Little Tikes climber & slides or the Winther bikes (this brand?).

Bea basically only interested with the big ones cos her school has the smaller ones for the children. But she is too small to cycle those. So for the whole hour, she was trying to get one that she likes and she can cycle but found none.

More and more kids stuff have been added to the expo compound. This is also Bea's first time playing with these, she is usually attracted to the play gym.

VivoCity Drummer Boys

From high-tea, we went to VivoCity to meet up with my parents. Spent some time at the playground and the sky park.

The 103-feet Christmas tree

Saw the VivoCity Drummer Boys performing.

Before we left, Bea insist that she wants to take picture with a Christmas tree that she saw along the way. She ran with us catching up from behind. DH said she is running towards the wrong direction! So we were going round the shopping mall to get to this OCBC Christmas tree.