A Cosy Place

Like this toast box at NEX, it's cosy & quiet in the early morning. Ever since I know this place, will come by for breakfast as and when I have meeting which is along the way after dropping Beatrice in childcare.

A Day at Home


After many days of CNY celebration, it's time to just spend a day relax at home. :)

Beatrice did some artwork at home.

And we had simple home cook food for dinner.
"Simple" = just throw everything into the rice cooker

Clearing Annual Leave


My annual leave was freeze & I request to be carry over to this year till CNY instead of being forfeited. Come CNY, I don't have a choice but to split the annual leave into small parcels to clear.

Even took annual leave to queue for bak kwa. Today is one of the half day that I took to spend time with my cousins.

The joy of reaching a playground, bags & shoes are no longer their care for the moment.

We had to stop playground as the older kids are running from wet to dry and they could not play anymore. Brought them for some artwork instead.

CNY 2011 - Family Gathering


The Tan family invited us to their place for a time of fellowship. The kids had fun playing while the adults had a super duper filled stomach of steamboat dinner.

The 2 older ones took out Raemus toys and refuse to let them play with it. :(

One thing about Caelan, he will look for Brian to play with him. :)

5 kids wanting to have a share in the beyblade game.  And Raenen has enough to share with everyone.

The kids had fun tossing the salad.

And lastly a family photo before we say good night to one another.

CNY 2011 - Classmates Gathering


Diana invited us to her new place for a time of catching-up.

There was lion dance cai qing at the unit below.

Goodies from Meleka

CNY 2011 - DE Gathering


A company gathering without a gambling session is no gathering to some of the colleagues. :)

The girls ran round the house again & again until we have to make them stop for a break.

CNY 2011 - Day 4


JX & Dawn invited us to their place for lunch & swim.

Look at Brian's tee, he got attacked by Eric.


Spot the difference in the next 2 photos. :)