Leaders' Appreciation Night 2010


We were invited to this year leaders' appreciation night.

Was touched by pastor's effort in thanking us.. the old time leaders for our contribution years ago. :)

Pastor mingle with some of the leaders before the event started.

Not a very clear picture.. pastor kong was invited to play the guitar and sing on stage.

A Day spent in Orchard continues...

Ariel Mermaid

Bought 2 balloons for Beatrice & Raenen t encourage them for the performance.

Beatrice's Ariel balloon. Raenen had McQueen balloon.

Under the Sea continues...

Under The Sea


Today mark the day for K2 graduation cum year end concert for Beatrice & Raenen's childcare.

While waiting for Raenen to come, how about a game of cooking mama.

2 hours gap between the children reporting time and concert time. We spent the time at Delifrance while Raemus had snack and toy to keep him occupied for a while.

The stage set-up.

The lines and numbers to guide the kids along the way.

K2 class song item cum graduation.  It was a touching sight.

The story starts from here...

My pretty daughter.. Andrina

The finale...

The kids that went wild after the tense performance.

The teachers and helpers who made this whole performance possible.  Thanks to their hardwork.

Our family photos.

Beatrice and a few of her classmates.


Mummy, see ballerina dancing.


Drove my BIL's car to NEX neighbourhood carpark since he has season parking there. Reached there at about 2pm, walked in Isetan & Mickey store. By 3pm, the crowd was horrifying, decided to leave the mall for home.

Beatrice with her new pink Minnie mouse.

Sticky Man


Sticky man from my brother-in-law. Beatrice had fun throwing up on the glass and seeing it fall.

Little Michael Jackson


Our new found venue for fellowship after service.

Toys path on the floor.

I can fly.

"Michael Jackson" in action. ;p