Breakfast with Music

Went for McDonald breakfast yesterday morning at Chinatown Point. Someone was playing the grand piano at the stage, probably rehearsing for a performance later in the day. So I have nice accompany music with my $2.50 breakfast.. what a good way to start my day :)


Chng Association celebrated 70th Anniversary on Father's Day. As usual, we are called to go for the dinner by my FIL. We get to enjoy the dinner at one of those private rooms away from the crowd & noise. My family took up 1 table. ;p

Dawn's House-Warming

JX & Dawn invited the CGs to their place for a cosy afternoon at their place.

We have a BIG joke to share... we went to the wrong condo & even spent some time there!

We wondered a little when we didn't see familar cars around us but we just ignored. DH wanted to schedule his work before we proceed to Dawn's house. So while he is busy with his stuff, I brought Trice around & even took some pictures!

We realised we are at the wrong place when no one answer the door when we pressed the door bell. :o We arrived 15min later at the correct condo house!

Dawn commented.. wah, your Beatrice is killing the baby with the scissors…:p
Haha.. I think she was trying to cut the baby's hair. ;p

The adults have fun with JX's bd gift too!

Daddy's TV Progam is Boring

DH is watching TV while she is having her late lunch after her nap.

Meet-The-Parents Session

DH & I met up with the Trice's teachers on Saturday morning. I don't expect any bad remarks as children normally behave very well in school as compare to home. So we heard about her progress in school, how well she had done for the past 5 months.

Goodbye Chi Chi

A teary Saturday morning.

The very first chinchilla that I have, she is 12 years & 4 months old. She has been having this fungas infection over & over again since 4 years ago. It started with once a year to 4 times a year. It takes a month for medication and that exclude the growing of her fur. The cycle became almost never ending. She lost a lot of weight even though she is still eating well, finishing her food but I couldn't get her pump up to her average weight anymore.

After seeing Chi Chi off, Beatrice keep asking "mummy, when is Chi Chi coming home?", "where is MY Chi Chi?", "mummy, bring Chi Chi to see Doctor Tan (the GP near our home)" etc. But mummy's tears just couldn't stop flowing when she hears the word "Chi Chi". :((

It's not easy to say goodbye. Don't think I will get another pet for next few years.

Too Old for Guard Bar

She just want to have fun doing the same thing as Warren.

Some Moments at Home

It was a happy week for Trice at home. She has been singing the moment we step home. And making funny face expressions. :)

Ex-Colleagues Gathering

Met up with some of the ex-colleagues & colleagues for dinner last evening.

A Lazy Weekend

Nothing planned last weekend. Went to PC show on Sunday with a tired toddler, DH needs to get another printer for his office use. Spent the rest of the day at home.

This picture.. she choose her choice of clothes, stuff (toys) to bring along to the show.

My Ka Ka

A conversation after church service:

Beatrice: Mummy, I want my kaka to go playgroup with me.
Mummy: Huh?
Beatrice: Other children have their ka ka go playgroup with them.
Mummy: Oh.. I see. But she is 奶奶's maid, not ours. Beatrice, you can stay in the playgroup with kor kor Raenen & mei mei Gabby right? Christal is there too. Yee yee Vina looks after di di Caelan, yee yee Vivien goes for service too. The children can stay together & play together.
Beatrice: I don't want mummy go for service.

Recently, she would whine at the door of the playgroup, not willing to let me go for service. Have been trying to explain to her but when it comes to actual situation, it all starts again.

She told us uncle Albert in the playgroup. So we tried to explain to her that uncle Albert is helping aunty Ginder takes care of the baby in the playgroup.

Nowadays she would start asking if kor kor is going playgroup, is mei mei going too, how about Christal etc etc. I will be a bit speechless when I know that they won't be there. ~Sigh~

Teacher Angelina On Leave

Usual morning, teacher Angelina will be at the door of the childcare centre greeting the children & doing the routine checks for the children. And so far if she is on leave, teacher Meiling or teacher Audrey would take over. But this morning, it was 王老师. The moment Trice sees her, she burst into tears asking me not to leave.

The fact is 王老师 is actually her form teacher. I've yet to check with her why she cried. Anyway, teacher Josie came to the rescue. Teacher Josie is one of those teachers that she will talk about at home when we chatted.

We asked her in the evening why did she cried at the door. She said she doesn't like the teacher. We then asked her why? She gave many reasons but none is related to 'why?'.

We tried asking her again an hour later. This time round, she said she want mummy. Until now, I still do not know why.

My Vaio


Clever me.. updating my blog & eating cold noodles at the same time. And you can guess it right, I had accidentally spilled the zarusoba onto my notebook. ArgH!!

Gave it a quick wipe, Thank God it is still working as on now. Praying hard that nothing will happen to it.


Trice: Mummy, can I paint?
Mummy: Only if you clear the table 1st, there is no place to do painting. (her table was full of her toys)
Trice: Mummy, can you help me clear the table together?

So we cleared the table together and she could do some painting. :)

Term 1: Artworks

These are just part of her art pieces, some of it had been destroyed by her. Worksheets not included. It's already 1 box full, I'm taking pictures to clear some away, making room for new ones this term. I asked her if I could throw some away, she hesitated for a while and agreed.

Children's Season 2009

Brought Trice to the Children's Season by the National Museum. Trice has great fun there! DH & I had a good time relaxing, contributing a little help to Trice when needed. :)

Performance Storytelling by Monsters Under the Bed. Started with a simple story.

2nd half, the children were given paper & crayons to draw.

The storyteller, Eugene selected 10 children drawings and form a story.

And the children engrossed in the session seeing their drawings being form to a story.

Drop-in activities. Brought our own 500ml mineral water bottle and a shoe box. Trice learn to recycle and transform the objects into work of art.

DH giving her a helping hand.

Tada... her artwork! She said is Thomas train and a girl is driving it.

PLAY! A garden-scape together with interactive components.

Chill-out. An area with some quiet activities together.

Pubilc Power. Express creativity and create masterpieces on a magnetic wall.

Love Tank. Just a photo with the pink tanks since Trice is into pink colour.

Time for a short break.

And we saw Mervyn & family when we were about to leave. They just arrived.

Christal forming her egg.

Beatrice forming her hola hoop.