Learning to Cut Her Nails


A Simple Dinner for DH's Birthday


Celebrated DH's birthday after church service.

After Children Church


Posing with their Beanie boos while waiting for their friends to be pick up by their parents.

Debbie's Birthday 2013


Magic show by JX's classmate.

The mummy so happy that her son will have a knife through his throat?  Haha!

A floating table

And a bent coin

The girls with uncle JX

Coffee break after party

Dinner at DTF

Morning Ride


Sent DH to the airport for his biz trip.  Gave Charis a last minute call for a morning ride along Punggol Waterway.

Managed to catch the beautiful sunrise.

Dinner at Garden Grill


Tried out the Garden Grill fine dining.

The hungry Beatrice munching on the dining plate.

And not forgetting a family photo after dinner.

At Giant Supermart


"Mummy! Look! Hello Kitty toilet paper."

Self-serve to take a pack.

"I didn't agree to buy that! Pls put it back."

Hello Kitty Cooke Workshop


Signed the 2 girls up for Breadtalk Hello Kitty Cookie making.

Eating the decorating chocolate. ;p

Waiting for the cookies to be baked.

Received her cookies together with a certificate of participation.

Dinner at the Atrium Cafe.

Beatrice.. the photographer.

And our wefie.