Getting Lazy

I realised I'm getting a bit lazy to snap photos of Trice recently. Nothing much to post for these few weeks. I need to be a little more diligent to capture her moments before I regret missing her special moments.

A Video for RLE

At last, I have completed the video. Enjoy!

Have also develop a super 12R group print for them and a 5R children print specially for Ethan.

Hope they will like it.

Jason & Diana's Wedding

2 weeks back, brought Trice with me to attend Jason & Diana's wedding in Melaka. We arrived at Diana's place at 6.35am and took a ride from the buddy's car to Melaka. By 10.30pm, Trice was super tired, she wanted to go home so I brought her back to the room & she fell asleep in < 5min.

Trice likes the both of them. She will smile & laugh when they talked to her. And not forgetting Diana's nieces, nephews and siblings that play with Trice during the 2 days. She was singing "la la" all the way from Yong Peng to Singapore. The relatives in the coach couldn't get to rest.

Trice on DH

This is the first time Trice gets to sit on DH's shoulder. Yes.. first time! ;p

DH's headset

Look at how bad the headset has been tangle up. And can you imagine how he uses it without bothering. ;p

OG Anniversary Sales

Together with Trice, we accompany my mum to shop at OG on a Saturday afternoon.

45 Minutes "Alone"

Last Saturday, we reach home at about 3.30pm after work, both of us has gone under the sun to our individual work site. Feeling tired, we told Trice we needed a nap before heading down to Expo for service. Both of us fell asleep and we have no idea what she had done for that 45 min. The house looks ok, no mess so I supposed she just play on her own in her room. ;p

She Bite Again!

Just now towards the end of the service, she was playing with a girl and decided to hug her & shortly after that she bite her. The girl's name Zoe.

This time round, I was very angry. The moment we step back into the car, I took out "Mr Spoon" and scolded her. She started to cry and I hit her 8 times hard on her thigh.

We have been explaining to her it is not right to bite, it hurt when she bite any of the children, bitting is not a way to solve anger etc etc. Before every service & CG, I will make a point to remind her but I just do not understand why she cannot behave well like the rest of the other children. She will get agitated, wanting to kick, hit or pull children clothes if one of them accidentally run over her etc etc.

At the end of the whole thing, I cried also. Not really because it hurt my heart to hit her but I really do not know how to teach her now.

God, this has been my prayer since the 1st incident. I am desperate for Your help now.

Trice "Reading" for DiDi

Saw this yesterday at my mum's place. She was talking in her language to didi and she does not allow us to touch her "book" (yellow pages!)

Tai Tai High-Tea

A group of us (colleagues) decided to take half day to enjoy high-tea and be tai tai for the afternoon. Most of us work for different boss so it's easier for us to take leave together. :)

Dinner Together

Went dinner with my in-laws. Got Trice to sit with her cousin so as to keep her sitting down instead of running round the restaurant. :)

PlayClub Term End

Trice collecting her certificate from her teacher.

Trice and her friends waiting for their snacks.

Farewell for RL & Ethan

Last Thursday we had a early farewell get-together for Rovis, Leena & Ethan. They are relocating to US end of this month.

We are all going to miss them.

It's been quite a while where everyone get together under 1 roof. Took quite a number of photos on that day. However, it will only be ready when we present it to the Lee family.