Zhou's Kitchen

DH's sister, Lynn's bd... a day after me. The family had tim sum buffet at Zhou's Kitchen @Square 2. Bea knocked out after playgroup & we enjoying our late lunch before she wakes up.

Dinner @United Sq

Friends gathering on Saturday evening for my birthday... a usual practice that we do for the past 8 years??

This is the only link to the video that I have for the moment, had requested the html from the owner, waiting for his reply. The youtube video done by friend. Beatrice is the star for the day.


We have finally decided to sign her up for the JG playclub. We noticed she is getting a bit bored at my mom's place at times. But since both of us are working on Sat, we could only sign her up for the evening class.

Eating Apple

This is her new way of eating apple nowadays. She only eats the skin.

Ho Chi Minh City

Last week we went to Ho Chi Minh City together with the colleagues & bosses in my office. This is actually my office incentive trip for the staff. Since both myself & DH has been paid for by my office, I seek management consent to bring my mom along. Well, don't get the wrong idea, it is not for my mom to go there to "work" for me. From the previous trip, already know that Bea will stick to me if I'm around. So it's for her to enjoy the trip also.
First 2 days were basically sights seeing, learning about their history, guided by the tour guide there. Last 2 days were F&Ez for us to explore the city on our own & do some shopping.

That's Bea with Audrey, they are actually 2 months apart.

The Vietnamese people have healthy lifestyle. Every morning & evening, you can find a lot of people exercising in the park. We had 8 course dinner, mixture of Vietnamese and chinese food. Their food is also healthy. If its a deep fried dish, the quantity is one for each person. If it's a healthy dish, you can actually have 3-4 servings. We had 2 soup & 2 salad for a 8 course lunch on day 2. That explain why they are all so slim. :)

By 2nd day, I can actually enjoy the trip better as Bea will look for the older children in the group.. that's WenQi & JinLing with Bea.. they will sing for her, make funny actions, hold her hand to walk together.

On the free day, with the help of Jennifer's cousin who work there, we actually had a driver + mini van to bring us around.

My Birthday? (Part 1)

Due to the tender, dinner with DH has been push back. So DH already has an appointment with his client this evening. So since it's "my time", going to pamper myself with pedicure later. :)

Tender Date Changed

Just read an email on this. Yeah.. I'm knocking off on the dot today!


stress = junk food!

Just now my colleague & I were munching on junk in my cubicle. My boss happened to passed by, pointed a finger at us & commented "stop eating, fattening".

2 weeks back when he was stress out, we told him to stop eating those fattening food from next door. :)

Father's Day 2008

With the help of mommy, Bea did this paper plate photo frame for DH. And I bought this cap for him knowing that all his existing ones were from his Oregon days.

DH does not know that I had prepared his gift so while shopping one day, he asked to buy a pair of slippers for him for coming father's day. So to add on, I decided to buy a pair for myself & Bea since I do not have a comfort shoe for this coming weekend.


Bea said, "Mommy take photo."

Orchardmile 2008

An eventful morning! 7 of us signed up for the orchardmile and we brought along our children for the walk. With our husbands support via Mcdonalds breakfast fellowship at Plaza Sing.

Before the walk...

Walk started... we saw the husbands standing at the opposite road waving to us.

Walking together...

At the end of the walk, all participants were given a medal (incl children) so here is the children with their medals for completing the walk. We were waiting for the train to head back to Dhoby Ghaut to collect the goody bag and meet up with the guys.

Buckle Up Doll

Vina bought this doll for her during Christmas. Last week, she wanted to bring her along for "gai gai". And she placed her doll together with her behind the hardness and said seat belt. So I ask her if the doll need to buckle up too? She said yes.

She normally will hold/hug her soft toys during "gai gai".

Playgroup (Part 2)

02 June 2008

For the past 1 week, we have been telling her that when she is angry, she cannot bite other children. And DH even told her that if she is good in playgroup, he will bring her to vivocity waterplay.

The teacher said she was good, she didn't bite anyone. And I was happy I was able to enjoy service like last week, sitting at the cafe listening to the sermon.

They were having snacks when the service ended.

So as promised, DH brought us to vivocity after service for her waterplay and at the same time we met up with Ana & family. This is Bea trying to put the coin into the kiddy ride.

Tent & Tunnel

I have been wanting to buy a tent & tunnel for her since she was 1 year old. Read from some of those review that children enjoy playing in it. Those that I found over the web were expensive but it comes with ventilation at the tent top & nice pictures printed. Received a voucher from ToysRus so decided just to go for what I can find in the store which is plain colours with no ventilation/

Anyway, I'm glad Bea did enjoy playing with it especially the tunnel.

Playgroup (Part 1)

01 June 2008

I had a chance to sneak out when the children starts to clean up the toys for their music & movement session. And I was staying outside the door for a whole 60 min while pastor was preaching, happily listening to the sermon & observing Bea from the glass panel. Good thing was the teacher was able to distract her a few times when she was looking for me. But the bad thing was she bite a girl again when she, the girl & Ethan were quarreling over some markers or toys I think. ~Sigh~ When can she learn that it is wrong to bite.. Arrh!!

Took these after service when I went in back to the playgroup.

My Roof

Been busy again, preparing for a coming tender. But this is not the stressing part yet.

My ongoing project, I think the roof might be "collapsing" soon! Last week, went to site to find out that it was constructed not according to the design intent. Arrh!! How to justify on paper?

Wanted to ask my boss for rescue but my colleague said boss' face is not just black, it's BURNT for the past 2 weeks.

Will be back to blog with Bea's pic soon... ya soon after I clear this part.. can't sleep well past few days.

Orchardmile & Shaperun

Yes, I have signed up for the 2 runs to motivate myself to exercise & to trim my extras. :)

One of my goal this year is to get back to shape, not just pre-pregnancy weight but pre-wedding weight.. haha! Very high goal indeed & sometimes I will wonder if I am going to make it ultimately. I have break down to 2 smaller goals, 5 months to pre-preganacy weight, another 7 months to pre-wedding weight. Started right after CNY, as of May, I have hit my pre-pregnancy weight. So to encourage myself I decided to blog it down. Still cannot see a diff in picture, so no photo.

As of last night, I have completed 4.6km run & walk for the coming 5km shaperun. Surprisingly no aching today as compare to past 2 weeks when I had only completed 3.4km.

Stress is my "killer" cos I tend to snack on junk foods & not just chips, chocolate is my best stress reliever.. yummy! ;p