I've MIA from the blog for quite some time.  Have been busy with the planning & renovation and up-coming house moving.  Will be back early next year to update my blog again. :)

Adding Colors to Maxi Mirco


Adding princess sticker like her old mini micro to make this black scooter looks more pretty.

Graduation Photo Shoot


This morning Beatrice has class photo shoot in school.  She looks a little sleepy after a late night at the airport

Waiting for Daddy at Airport


DH request that we pick him from the airport from his business trip.  So here we are enjoying my cup of coffee & her wafer while waiting for daddy to come out.

USS 2012


Brought Beatrice to meet up with her friends for a fun day at USS.

Dragonfly with only 3 wings

USS at 10.15am

It was fantastic day at USS

The waiting time for each ride is totally no queue to maximum 30 minutes wait.

New addition to USS

1st & foremost.. Transformer the Ride

Last year when we came, we had to queue for almost 2 hrs for the ride.

And Beatrice couldn't meet the minimum requirement to take the ride.

Today, we took the ride 3 times!!

Stephanie, Eric & myself we went for Battlestar Galactica while the rest went for other rides with the children.  We handed our bags to them (that include our mobile phones as we can't bring along for the rides) & we lost them at the end of our rides.  They were no where to be seen at where we had mentioned to wait earlier.  Wanted to take Revenge of the Mummy but thought better to find the group 1st.  We end up having to borrow phone from stranger to call them & drop them message to find us from our location.

Expensive lunch at USS foodcourt and the 2nd half of rides begin.

Canopy flyer.. 3 times too!

A moving Herrerasaurus?

Enchanted Airways is another ride that they gone wild.. Another ride with zero queue like Transformer and they took at least 7 times!!!

With friends around encouraging one another, I find it a good opportunity to train Beatrice to take these rides. :)

We walked out of USS at 6.45pm!

Dinner was at the new Malaysian Food Street

Dinner at Yoshinoya After Swim


A tired & hungry Raeann totally freezed with me around.  She has not see me for a few weeks.  She just stare in the air.

The happy kids & dads at the next table.

Beatrice snap this.. 2 green lantern dads.

Feeding Raemus

Still staring at yee yee, me!

A kiddy ride that we have no idea how much it cost.  We inserted 3 coins to get the thing moving.  It's actually a dollar for 4 children so the children get to sit for a long time.

Micro Family

New addition to the family.. Maxi Micro.. the black one in the middle.  The next stage mirco scooter for Beatrice.  Wanted to get purple but it was sold out when I went after work during the robinsons sale.

A picture of the 3 different micro scooters at home before selling off the Mini Micro online.

Some pictures of the mini micro.  It has served Beatrice well for the past 3 years.  Since CG shifted to Hougang, we scoot to CG almost every Friday.