Bought a electric oven recently. Bought instant cookie for Beatrice to mix & bake with the new oven.

Counting Down to 2011


This year we invited the gang to our place for count-down party. Simple snack & drinks, it's the fellowship that matters. :)

Not many pictures taken, busy chatting & snacking.

Ms Ng trying out the eclair I bought from my cousin. :)

Our Best CGL


Thanksgiving CG. We went to the icing room and did a DIY cake decoration specially for our CGL, Dawn! :)

Just like what Dawn shared, we are more than just a CG. It's a friendship we have build through these few years.

It's a Rabbit


The night earlier, Beatrice said she wanted to draw a rabbit. I was busy with the chores and didn't get to see her drawing until the next day. By then, we had sent her to Song's house as her childcare was closed and I couldn't get my leave approved.

My first look at this picture was a mouse but then I remember she said she wanted to draw a rabbit. A friend commented it's a chinchilla on facebook when I posted the photo. :)

4th Quarter - Zoo


This is the only day I told my boss I must take leave and it is the only day I spent with Beatrice on a weekday during her school holiday. My leaves was freeze till CNY due to the projects tender during the last 2 months of the year.

Joined my aunt & cousins at the zoo.

Well, it's never easy to get the kids to look at the camera for even 1 second.

Our first time to catch Animals Friends show at the Kidzworld Amphitheater.

The brave kor kor holding on to Beatrice to feel the dog fur.

Princess Wall Stickers


Cinderella castle & princesses wall stickers which we bought online for Beatrice as her Christmas gift.

She was so happy when I got it done for her on the wardrobe doors. She kept telling me, can you tell the children not to peel it off? Cos that was what happened to her Mickey & Minnie stickers by the younger kids during CG.

Denise 7th Birthday

We were invited to Denise's birthday party.

Kor kor Joshua, pls don't tickle me!

Party pack prepared by the host for the kids.

Kar Weng demostrating his "tricks"

Though blur photo but look at Nicole's expression! KW's trick definitely fail. Haha!

The magician for the day.

And lastly, the cake cutting.