"Minnie gai gai"

DH is back to regular RT training again. Last night, brought Bea to meet DH at the coffeeshop, Bea wanted to bring Minnie along gai gai with us. So here we go...

Slide on Her Own

Change to another video... this one is the normal way she plays the slide. Minnie will slide first before her.

Spring Cleaning

Ask Bea to help daddy clean up the house.


This uninvited 'guest' has been in our house since Sunday. Yesterday, it went to the shower area which create a good chance for me to kill it. Closed the shower door, spray insect killer & wait for it to 'rest in peace'.

Bea.. so brave huh.. she wanted to catch it.

Ahh... I hate creatures in my house. Already stayed with creatures for 2 years after wedding.

Changing Appetites

First time trying at Changing Appetites. Their food looks appetizing & taste delicious. I was surprise at the size of their ice-cream cake. Another thing good about this place is every adult meal that you order, you can order a child meal FOC on a Sunday. So for us, we gets to eat what we like instead of sharing food with Bea.

Hmm.. can consider this as a gathering place for our CG since we have so many children in the CG.


Brought some of Bea's cheerios for Constance & Lauren to try and spend some time chatting there.

Oh, Elin is my neighbour on the opposite block. When I go to work early, I will usually meet up with her to take train together.

All Minnie

We went shopping for Bea's clothes last week. Bought a Minnie mouse PJ, minnie bag & minnie shoe. She already has a set of minnie clothes for CNY.

So she will have everything Minnie for 1st day of CNY. :)


Since I'm in the construction industry, we have lots of A1 size drawings to discard after a project ends. So I decided to recycle part of it for Bea's creativity.

Every year, I will shop at Toys 'R' Us for the children Christmas gifts. With the $40 voucher from TRU, I will buy something for Bea in January.

Beatrice & Debbie

As usual, Bea is jealous & want to sit down together with Debbie on my lap.

Am I Too Outdated?

While waiting for DH at compasspoint yesterday, saw a girl around 10 years old, dressing in fashion, putting full make-up & carrying a handbag. She was also waiting for I think her dad at the Singtel shop. She looks very proud. People walking by will somehow put a little smile when walking pass Bea. But she simply walked pass Bea swinging her buttocks, giving her the proud look.


DH need to visit Singtel shop to settle some mobile phone for his brother. While waiting for him for an hour, Bea gets to walk around the mall & play on all the rides available at basement of Compasspoint.


Brought Beatrice to see the Mickey Mouse deco at Chinatown. It was pack pack pack.


Dinner at Sushi Teh. Happened to be sitted in front of a mirror. Beatrice was motivated to finish her food while watching herself smiling in the mirror.

DE 25th Anniversary

Last Friday, my office celebrated its 25th anniversary. This year the dinner was held in Siloso Resort Sentosa with one night stay for staff & family.

The bosses commented that the colleagues are not as united after the moved to present shophouse. So created some fun with games at the dinner.

The little children of my lunch kaki.

From left top clockwise: Beatrice, Audrey, Constance & Lauren (twins).

My colleagues playing with Beatrice. She was quite socialable with them after warm up. Audrey was sticking to the mummy, Constance & Lauren were tired. The rest were much older.

Beatrice put on her sandals on her own & walking around in the room. Children starts wearing from wrong sides?

Jalan around the beach & resort roof top after breakfast. In general, the breakfast was delicious but the dinner & service the day before was not so good.

Brought the children for a morning swim. The water was pretty cold, it's spring water.

Pictures of the villa.. the suite of the resort. The owner of the resort was Mr Tan's client, he happened to see Mr Tan when we were having our ISO seminar. So he upgraded his room to the suite. The whole resort was full of trees. As you walk around, your path can be diverted due to a exisitng big tree. Even the villa has a tree in the middle of the room, enclosed by the glass on the 2nd picture and a "open to sky" jacuzzi with trees around it. Last picture showing the path leading to the suites.

And since we are already in Sentosa, DH took a day off from work on Sat & we spent the day in Sentosa & some shopping in Vivio city in the evening. BUT.. he spent the afternoon at work after service on Sun.

Missy taking MRT

This morning train seem to be more crowded than norm... probably due to the discruption of service from Tanah Merah to Pasir Ris.

While changing train at Tanjong Pagar station, this lady in pink & strips simply stand near to the door while on her left... plenty of space that she can move in. I was outside the door actually and there were still a lot of people behind me. So I decided to be the bad woman... "Excuse me, please move in."

Haha... I managed to get into the train together with 3 others behind me. Wanted to take a picture of her but the train was too crowded, I can't reach for my camera. :)

While walking up the escalator, saw her folding her arms walking. Oh... missy, its peak hour, you are too slow for the timing.

Gathering with Sec Friends

This week is full of my secondary friends activities. 1st we went to pick up the slide from Jocelyn. Last night, met up with Joyce and Vivien & their family.

Joyce is here in town for a week so we had a short gathering arranged. Beatice enjoyed herself with the big brothers playing with him.

Time flies...
Craig was the page boy for my wedding 3 years ago. He is turning 8 this year.
Euan was 1 year old & Bryan was only 4 months old if I remembered correctly.

Lis' Slide

Lis is going to Australia next month so Jocelyn said we can borrow the slide for Bea to play for the next 9 months. Thanks Lis.

Took it back on Tue evening, Bea was so excited. She went up & down the slide non-stop. She can even tell herself "enough" but yet she still continue playing until her legs were so tired climbing up the steps. So we decided to keep the slide in the room, let her cry a little & rest for the night.

She always gets excited when she sees the playground around our home.

Beatrice Bullied Gabby

My SIL shared this with us last night when we went to fetch Beatrice.

Gabby wanted to crawl around so Beatrice crawled together with her and show her around the house. When they were in the room, Bea came out & closed the door. Gabby cried.

Sorry Gabby, yee yee scolded che che last night.

Fellowship @T3

Mervyn suggested to go T3 for fellowship after service. So we drove from the far west to the far east. We left church right after service and arrive there way before the rest. The queue at popeye was super long, Brian was busy queuing for food and I... busy entertaining Bea & booked seats for all. This is how we booked the seats...

... stroller come in handy & booked a table.

... and to stop Bea from running about,
place her on the cleaned table to booked 2nd table.

A great time of fellowship and walking round the terminal.


My MIL dislikes the mess of cooking & cleaning at home after a meal. For the many years, DH is used to eating out. Thanks to my mum, Beatrice gets to eat home-cooked food at my mum's place during the weekdays. But when it come to weekends, we spent most of the meals eating out as DH prefers hot food.

So when we go for fastfood, so does Beatrice. She can now finished 2 pieces of nuggets. She likes the fries and the corn from McDonald too.


Beatrice is at the stage where she wants to look pretty. Everyday without fail, she will say "put 美美" asking us to put on the hair clip for her. The hair clip is more important than her milk. Even at bedtime, she will insists that she has the hair clip on her head to sleep! Sigh

She is slowly learning to say 2 words/syllables.
"take out"
"mommy/daddy make"
"let's go"
"chichi/chuchu/daddy/mummy bye bye"
... will add on when I can recall.

But some times I still cannot understand her baby language, just cannot figure out what is she trying to tell me.

Typical Meal Time

While waiting for food to be serve in a restaurant, Bea will ask for biscuit to eat...

And DH, he will be busy scribblingly on his note book. Can you see what he writes? Eric had previously commented.. Brian don't just speak in tongues, he writes in tongues too.. haha!

Me? ... Create the pictures above. ;p

"Gaigai" to Plaza Sing

Satruday, DH was busy meeting his China supplier but I didn't wanna stay home facing Beatrice & the four walls. So met up with Ana & Jayden for dinner since they are in town & leaving the following day.

... While waiting for the train to come

... In the train

... Fun time with Jayden, the nursery room becomes hide & seek place

... Walking to the pick-up point, daddy on the way after appointment

... Sitting down on the steps waiting patiently for daddy to come
... daddy simply stop at the bus stop & busy writing his notes.
and we waited for so long before he appears.

Great Appetite

Beatrice's appetite for food has tremendously increased. She is now eating so much more as compare to last time. In addition, she still ask for snacks. My mum is a bit worried if she has overeat. Her stomach pops out like baby Joey. ;p

Debra previously mentioned that children's appetite will increase after a long process of sickness. Hmmm... probably it's true. Or did she drink too much good bacteria... "probiotics". Was instructed to give her that till she recovers.


I had somehow naturally weaned Beatrice since the week that she had the viral attack. Was instructed by PD to give her diluted milk for the week until she starts keeping the food in her stomach. She did nursed a few times but threw out shortly after, so somehow she decided not to nurse anymore.

This end the process of breastfeeding at 16 months old. A little sad though cos initially I was planning to stop at 18 months. But I suppose I have done a good job to have gone this far.

New Year Day, 2008

Laze around at home the whole day till evening. Late night movie till 2.30am. We watched "Die Hard 4".

My cousins invited us to his son's 1st birthday party. Birthday boy, Kayden.. the one on the right. The place was fully packed with the extended families. Many of my cousins are married with children so the place is packed with the young ones playing computer games, running about.

We decided to drive to Orchard Rd as we have yet to see the Christmas deco for this year.

Countdown to 2008

Instead of joining the friends at chalet, DH decided to bring us to the airport for countdown instead. Spend the night walking around and had ice-cream at Swensens. Went home before the clock strike 12mn & counted down at home instead. :)

The Quintet

Adren & Sharon invited us to their house-warming together with the rest of the ex-CG friends. while waiting for them to start the fire for BBQ, we went hiding in the lounge area as it had started drizzling, enjoying the air-con breeze inside.

Bea has fully recovered from her viral infection, her appetite was SUPER good that day. She eats every hour. The food (porridge, milk & snacks) that I brought for the whole day was not sufficient for her.


DH has to report for ministry at 8.30am on Sunday. No way I will follow him to church so early in the morning. He suggested to ask Eric+Stephanie to give us a lift but I can't possibly be asking them for help every alternate week. So I decided to bring Bea to take the public transport to church @Jurong instead.

A great attempt indeed. It took us 1 hour 45 min to reach church. Left home at 10.10am, reach church at 11.55am. Walked to Buangkok stn, NEL->EWL, then bus 179 to church.

Friends Came-By

Josephine moved to KL for good last year. They drove to Singapore for a 2 weeks break.. as Jo's family & friends are here in Singapore.

Came-by my place on Saturday afternoon for a catch-up. A great time together for us and the children also have fun playing with one another.


Took these while she was playing on her own at home.

No Blogging?

Been a little busy with work. Dealing with a few authority officers to trash out some design issues. Will update the blog after I get my work out, critical path now.

Come back again for some updates...