Playdate with Raenen


We arranged a playdate with Raenen. Both kids woke up at 8 plus asking mummies what time.. is Raenen coming/going to Beatrice house.

They had about 2 hr of playtime before they were told to nap. We then took the public transport to expo for church service.

Reuse from Home Favourite


This morning, we are suppose to have a playdate with Raenen at our home.  Beatrice was getting impatience waiting & waiting. Decided to reuse the box by cutting the top & bottom round part for Beatrice to do her artwork. Mummy draw and she coloured.  Her first piece of artwork.  This at least kept her occupied for an hour before she ask why is yeeyee taking so long again.

Excerise Begin

During my previous pregnancy, gynea had advised not to exercise due to the bleeding/spotting issues. So it's mean 6 months since I had last exercise.

Wanted to start slow, the home treadmill is the way to start.. minus disruption from Beatrice. A way to keep her away from the treadmill while it is moving is to get her to run before me and to use the TV to entertain her while I jog.

FIL Forgetful

Yesterday, work a little late in office, Brian came to fetch me from office, get Don pie for the neighbour as requested by my SIL, met Adren & Sharon on the road, reach my mum's place at 7.20pm.  Looking at the usual spot, Beatrice shoes & bag was not there.  Thinking maybe she had placed it at another place today.  But she didn't come out to say Hi to us & Walda (niece) is in the living room so she can't be in her room.

And low & behold, Beatrice was not at my mum's place that evening!!  Shock!!! Asked Brian to call his dad as the arrangement was for him to pick Beatrice from school & send to my mum's place while we can get the Don pie for my SIL.  He told us he didn't fetch Beatrice!!

We left my mum's place to pick Beatrice from school immediately.  Called the school to confirm she was still around & apologised for being so late.

Reached her school, the whole place was so dark, the only light was the room where Beatrice was waiting patiently with the teacher.  The moment she saw me, she touched her stomach to tell me that she was very hungry.  Apologised to her and brought her back to my mum's place for dinner.

Thank God for good teachers.  Thank God I didn't end work much later.

Sticker Club (Part 2)

Beatrice's first sticker. :)

Mao Shan Wang

This is Home's Favourite Black Gold Mao Shan Wang Durian Mooncake.  It's yummy!

Many say the real fruit is best.  I agreed!  My problem is Brian doesn't like durian.  Tried buying a durian to eat on my own, doesn't "taste" that nice eating alone.  So this is my next best whereby I can take my time to pop in a small piece at a time.

Last year I bought the D24 black durian mooncake.  Comparing the texture, mao shan wang is thicker & rich.

Sticker Club (Part 1)

Beatrice sending stickers to her friends. :)

Sushi Tei


This is one of those days where FIL was not free to fetch Beatrice to my mum's place. Brian came to my office with Beatrice and we went to Sushi Tei for dinner.

Beatrice had all her favourite dishes.  Mummy gets to eat all that Beatrice cannot finish.

Daryl's Disney Construction Set

The night was still young when we got home after the dinner.  Beatrice decided to take out this old toy to play.  Daryl is in Sec 4 this year, that's how old it is.  My aunty has been keeping my cousins' toys in pretty good condition.

Reservist Ended

Brian's reservist ended today, tomorrow will be a start for normal routine again. Or I should say it's my turn to take a break from the routine for next week since I might be working late for my projects tender.

Pray that next week work process will be smooth, trying to cut down on additional work so that I can start working on another 3 projects that will be on fire soon.

Icing Room


Met up with the family for dinner for my FIL & BIL's birthday. We arrived at te mall early, Beatrice was all ready to do a cake at icing room for both of them.

Brian told them dinner at 6pm. However, when we turn up at 5.55pm, they were almost done with their dinner! We settled down with our food order, sang a birthday song, ate the cake. They left shortly after our food arrived. What a disappointed family gathering. Basically we had our dessert before our main course.

I'm still trying to find out the reason of having dinner so early nowadays? Is it really because of my MIL? Or my FIL rushing back to watch 爱? Or my BIL wanted his daughter to sleep early for school the following day? I simply do not understand why do we have to finish dinner before the sun set for the day.

T3 Go-Karting

Decided to go T3 for dinner, followed by go-karting for the kids.

Beatrice on her chosen car but was later told to change by her dad.. due to some miscommunication among us. She changed to the smallest & slowest car.

Kellyn joined us while her family went back early to rest as FL was not feeling well.

Other than Kellyn, the rest of the girls were on full focus driving their car round the circuit until they were told to smile at the camera.

Paragon Playground

2 months back, KF & FL rented their flat out since they usually comes only once a month.  We open our home for them to stay when they come over the weekends.  This is their 2nd trip since they rented out.

Went to Orchard with Choong family before heading to expo for church service. While the adults went shopping for stuff, the kids spent their time at the playground and artwork corner.

CG Fellowship at Dawn's Place


Since Friday was a public holiday, Dawn invited the CG to her place for a time of fellowship.. swim plus lunch.  It was a pot luck party, every family prepared a food item to bring along.  A time of feasting, there were so many & much food.  Supposed to meet at the pool side but Mr Rain decided to join in the fun.  Met at Dawn's place for lunch instead.

Children came prepared for swim and not wanting to disappoint them, they had a time in the pool when the rain stopped.

All geared up but she is pretty afraid of water.  You will find her at the side of the pool most of the time.

Poor little Seifer, he was freezing cold, daddy Wee Keong has to use 2 covers to warm him.

As for the rest of the kids, I guess fun is more important than feeling cold. Beatrice's lip was literally purple in colour when called her up for shower.