Constance's Water Baptism

Brought Bea to JW to support yi yi Constance's water baptism.

Took the public transport back home with Bea after service. Bea was super tired after a long day, she slept all the way from boarding the feeder to alighting near our home.

Friends @IMM

After Easter service, Bea had fun @IMM together with her friends. They had fun at the waterplay.

Followed by animal ride after dinner.


Easter weekend, DH served in church on Sat evening. So I decided to bring Bea to join JX+Dawn & KF+FL families @paragon. We then travel all the way back to Jurong for dinner & fellwoship.

BabyCare Festival

Good Friday, brought Bea to the Babycare festival @expo... hoping to get a good deal for her milk powder & diapers. However, this year pampers was not there, we only manage to grap 5 tins of her milk powder and the queue to pay was crazy.

Saw Luli (Bea's favourite TV channel) waving to the children, quickly grap Bea to take a photo.

My SIL took a box for Bea to sit while waiting for DH to pay for her milk powder.

Come Back Soon

Has been busy helping my colleagues with design for 2 new projects tender, my own work has been stuck. Will be back soon to update the blog with the outdated postings.

Bea was happy going out with her friends last weekend. Come back again... Sorry.


Took leave on Monday to attend J&D's rom. Diana has been one of my close friend since poly. Got to know her in poly, work in our 1st company and went to uni together. Time flies, her wedding bells coming soon in August.

JJ to Service

The children's favourite hang-out.

Invited Ana to church last weekend, took a photo of the children during snack time.

I was counting our CG children.. those that belongs to 2-3 years old playgroup.. 7 of them. Hmmm... Will there be a chance that they will all attend the same service playgroup?

So far, we have family reunion once in a while for CG.


While waiting for DH to finish work so that we can head down to JW for PM. Bought some rubber bands & thought I give it a try on Bea's hair.

This draw thingy keeps her occupied for quite some time while I soaked in the beautiful presence of God.

We can have children CG in the nursery, majority were from our CG. And during the break, the daddys came up for a chat too.

Some Old Men

Getting more annoyed by an old man in the office. He wear slippers to work everyday, washes his feet & wet the toilet floor. Ya, wait till someone slip & fall. Yesterday, he requested for all ladies to lift up the seat cover after use when he is the one man in our level. I heard he took shower somewhere in a complex instead of home. Oh, he is in his 50s, not married, probably in his menopause now?

I was climbing up the table to help him block the air-con blowing directly on his head last week. And telling him nicely that he should use the shower area at 3rd floor to wash his legs. Am I insane or being too helpful? :D

But thank God this floor is still much better than the old one. At that floor, air-con is tune to 27 degree (do you call that air-con?) and another old man that burps loudly as and when he likes. Yucks!

Sony Camera Output

Took these on Sunday with the new camera. Still under tests via trial & error. Hopefully will get used to the different modes soon.

Bea thought it was fun to dip the french fries with the chilli sauce. She insist that she wants to try some. I thought I can discourage her by letting her try the chilli instead of taking a pack of tomato for her. Look at how she enjoyed dipping.

i'm NOT lovin' it

Oh No... As of yesterday, Bea knows what is this sign!! She says "mcnona" when we drove pass it. Just now she saw & say it again. Its one of DH favuorite place for quick food. Now I will need to teach her those are junk food.

Blur King

This is the "artwork" of my dear DH.. omg.. does this happens to the rest of the dads out there.. blur like sotong? ;p

Back In Jurong

Added her artwork..

At last, this week we are back in Jurong service after all the sunday appointments since CNY. Jenny and Leena told me playgroup is open for 18 months. Hehe.. Bea can be promoted.. a better chance that I can go back for ministry.

So yesterday was our 1st time trying her out at the playgroup. I was called back to playgroup during worship. Bea was hungry but the worker has make her milk in the water bottle instead so she refuse to drink & cry for me. :( Not to blame the worker, she didn't saw the bottle right below her bag.

Well, the good thing is she enjoy the praise & worship, story, artwork and not forgetting the snack time. Yeah!

Constance & Lauren

Brought Bea to another birthday party.. my colleague's twin girls. When Bea saw the 2 girls taking their evening shower, she wanted to take hers also.

So after shower, she was clean and wanted to nap in the girl's playpen. She even waved bye bye to us and told us she wants to sleep!!

IT Show 2008

Has been searching for a new camera since 3/4 last year, waited patiently for this IT show for a good deal.

Haha.. thinking back, 2 years ago, I went to PC show when I was 6 months pregnant with Bea. Last year, we brought Bea along in her stroller to the IT show early in the morning. This year, I went to the show alone, deposit Bea at my mum's place as DH is working.

The crowd was super horrible compare to previous years, people were crowded outside the entrance when I arrvied at 11.45am. Anyway, did my research before I went, so it's more like last comparsion of the 2 brands model, confirm & go with additional bargain for freebies.

Took some photos of Bea using the new camera.. but need a bit more time to download into my laptop.


Brought Bea to Eugene 1st birthday party. His parents are actually one of the honeymooners that went to US together with us 2 years ago.

Bea is not shy at all, she was simply busy exploring every corner, walking up and down the corridor, into the bedrooms, saying Hi to strangers.

Interesting Platform

The children likes to climb up the platform to get the adults attention. Is this black thing really so interesting?