I Want Same Ice-Cream as jie jie Kellyn

After FL left, Bea wanted the vanilla ice-cream which Kellyn was eating a moment ago.

Met up with my in-laws for dinner. Bea busy keeping herself occupied.

"Belle" & "Sweet Dream" Bear

20 December 2009

Walking towards the coffeeshop for our breakfast. Bea wanted to bring her doll & bear along.

We then followed DH out while he settled some stuff.

Our Christmas Tree

19 December 2009

At last managed to set up our Christmas tree a week ago. This is one of those days that Bea would say "mummy, I want to take photo with Christmas tree".

Candlelight Service 2009

19 December 2009

It's great to have Sun back in Singapore to celebrate Christmas with us. Ps Kong & Sun lighted the first candles. They then light up the pastors' candles. Slowly but surely it spread to the whole congregation.


The beautiful lighted candles

The whole hall filled with lighted candles.. awesome.

Fun Vee Christmas Nitetour

13 December 2009

Called up for free Christmas Nitetour by City Tours. The tour starts from Singapore Flyer and ends at Orchard Rd. So we decided not to drive but took the public transport instead. It's been years since DH took the public transport?

Stopped at Lau Pa Sat for dinner and the nitetour continue when the lightings are up.

Bea took this using my iPhone.

Taking a rest before we take the public transport home.

Dropped by Ion to see their big Christmas tree.

The inside of the tree. Can you see Bea at the bottom of the picture?

Last Visit to Ikea for Year 2009

13 December 2009

Albert date the east gang for Ikea breakfast. As usual, we had breakfast before heading to the children section for the kids to have some fun.

The pricing for their breakfast has increased. Now a plate of french toast with sausage cost $3, used to be $2.50.

But it's really the fellowship that matters.

Barney's World of Imagination

From Orchard, DH decided to bring Bea to watch Barney at United Square. We reached there at 12.45pm (show at 2pm) & thought we were early, probably can shop a little. To our horror, the queue was already going one round the basement plaza!

Managed to get in.. they have a bigger sitting area for children compare to other malls.

Bea.. still soak in Hi-5.

For sure, I didn't ask her for a flying kiss.

Headed home after show for Bea to rest for the day. :)

Little Ones Club - End of Year Party

Sunday morning, brought Bea to year end party by Taka. As usual, she refused to stay alone with the children so mummy has to sit in with her at the back row.

Didn't managed to snap many photos, carried her so that she could see the stage. She did enjoyed herself, trying hard to follow the dance moves.

Lucky draw.. She asked why her name was not called. So difficult to explain to a 3 year old that not all children will have a chance to be called and to go on stage.

Cut the story short, she won the consolation prize. She was so happy her name was called, she walked towards the stage and the staff carry her up. She was the youngest winner. She won a Hi-5 trolly bag and stickers.

Lauren & Bea. She stands with Bea through-out the session.

Photo taking.. she refused to go up alone now.. cos she was hungry! Argh! When we asked her to eat her breakfast, she was too excited for the Hi-5 party she didn't finished her food.

From left: Tim, Beatrice, Lauren, Stevie, Casey & Fely