Swim Lesson (May-2012)

She is one of those that still have the back float attached to her waist. She just managed to tip-toe & touch the ground. The other 3 classmates have started without the back float.

Personal Coach for 10 min


She has full attention from coach Jeff for 10mins as the rest were late for lesson.

Mother's Day Card


My darling Beatrice made this for me. 

For the past few years, I've got "nothing" from her.  When she baked for mum in school, she ate it & just informed me.  When she made a little gift for mum, she say it's too nice, she need to keep for herself.

So this is officially the first year she did something for me without keeping it back for herself.  ~Happy~

LEGO Minifigures Series 7

Got this with the help from Mervyn Goh.  Cost half price of what Singapore is selling.  ~Happy~

DIY Pizza


It's Vesak day today, we do not have any program planned till church service in the late afternoon.  So decided to DIY pizza at home for lunch.

A simple plastic knife I bought for her to help with the cutting.  So I don't have to have my eyes on her and can free me up to do other chores while she is preparing lunch for us.

My girl has WHITE hair!

As what the post title says, found a strain of white hair on her head. :(

Birthday Celebration in CG

This is how we celebrate members' birthday.

Each candle represent each birthday member/child presence.  We celebrate bithdays once a month or we'll end up eating birthday cake every week!

Ed Hardy Beach Ball

Went Skin with the mummies and bought this for Beatrice.  Actually we bought one each for our children cos it's was sales at < $3.


Practicing her phonics, she need to sounds from A to Z withing 20s.

Helping Mum with Chores

Folding her panties.

Outside Starbucks at Marina Square


Fun time with my new compact camera, Canon Ixus 230HS.

While waiting for movie show time, we spent some time at the little garden outisde Starbucks.


Miniature effect

Fish-eye effect

Toy camera effect

The children checking out the long stairs.

Ethan's 7th Brithday (Part 2)

Nowadays party does not end with just cake & food.  Children looks for the FUN factor.

Pinata is one of the thing the children looks forward to.  The children gets to hit whack on the pinata, something that they can't possible do with their toys at home, a good way to vent the anger.  Haha!

Due to an earlier accident some time back, the parents had learn the lesson of keeping the children in orderly manner with rules & regulations they need to follow or they can't get to hit the pinata.

Poor "wang wang".. totally smashed by the children. ;p

Time to check out his gifts.

Noticed the girls have wet hair?  It becomes a practice for them to take shower at friend's home.  Showering together is FUN!!

And they all squeezed into the toilet to take shower together.. FIVE of them plus Jenny to supervise!!  This shows that Stephanie's has a big toilet.