Music Time

My brother was playing with his PlayStation with headphones on so that the rest of the family members can watch the TV programs. And she wants to be part of 舅舅 game play.

1st time riding in the car

She is going backwards like when she started crawling.

After Nap

Funny little girl, this particular afternoon she woke up not wanting to let go of her bean bag.

JiuJiu's CDs

Everytime she goes near to the room, she will always remember 舅舅 CDs. She will take out piece by piece and throw it on the floor. The best part is everytime she throws, she will close her eyes... she is scare of the sound produced. But it also looks as if she is telling us she didn't see the throwing action... haha.

Tissue Paper

Shirley's Wedding

A very interesting wedding that we have attended. Specially requested by the bride and according to the hosts, it is also the first time the hotel is doing it this way. Chinese style food dishes served in western style setting. The name of the dishes represent their story.

I would consider her well behave as compare to the last wedding that we had attended at the beginning of the month. At least she didnt scream to get attention. I have always wanted to take a picture of her cute fleshy hands... I'd made it!


Sunday was a busy day, we have 2 children parties and dinner with my in-law to celebrate DH's birthday.

Daddy's Birthday

We had our dinner at Delifrance Bistro after church service.. err.. the pasta doesn't taste nice, too watery and a bit tasteless and the soup is super saltish. But the dessert is nice and the sandwish is still good.


She has been "promoted" to N2 since 3 weeks ago. Now N2 is super crowded & N1 has so little infants, a no. of her age infants have been moved from N1 to N2 so as to make space for the newborns.

2nd Half of Sat Fun Time

Catching Up

I'm almost there... should be able to catch up with some of the backdated posts soon. Beatrice has been sleeping early, household chores done. Work not so busy these 2 days, still waiting for some information to go on gear 5. These 2 nights have been spending time updating her blog.


After Gabby left my mom's place, Beatrice saw the bouncer and crawl towards it wanting to lie down on it. I wonder if she remembered she used to sleep on it when she was younger?

She has show a little sign of jealousy when my SIL trys to carry Gabby.

Sunday Gathering

Sunday was a day we had planned some time back to get together and at the same time can bring the kids for a swim at uncle Ben's condo. However, Beatrice was having a little running nose and Raenen was having fever and running nose. The swimming session was called off. Little gabby doesn't have the chance to wear her new swim wear.

Gabby... next time ok?
Raenen... get well soon. Then we can all go swimming with Beatrice and Gabby.

First Picnic

Beatrice enjoyed herself with the sand play and cycling. She was a little scared when my SIL try to cover her legs with sand and tell her its cooling, she must be wondering what happen to her legs.. haha

But she love the cycling experience. Not wanting to let go of the handle when we try to pick her up after one round and another round, she resist by screaming.

Condo Baby Shower

It was one of those super hot afternoon with lunch in the open air. After eating, we brought Beatrice round their big swimming pool, she was excited to see the water. Then off we went hiding inside the air-con room.

Itchy Gum

Beatrice has been chewing badly on toys and hanky recently. Wondering if more teeth is emerging soon.


Raenen's popo brought him along to my mum's place to see Gabby meimei but I think he spend more time playing with Beatrice.

Jaydon going to school

A gathering with the Citra family before they set off home to Medan. Jaydon is going to start his playgroup class the following Monday.

A little different from other gathering. They seem to remember each other better this time round and can smile and baby talk.

Daddy's Office

Happily playing on my FIL chair.

Cindy's Wedding

Her nap time has been reduced to twice a day, pushing her sleeping time to 9pm everynight. She was a little cranky half way through the dinner as it has way pass her sleeping time. Both DH and I actually have to take turns to bring her out of the ballroom so that she will not disturb other guests.

Sat Fun Time

This is only half the collection, the other half is in my brother's camera which I have yet to download from my tumb drive.

Mommy's Birthday

Enjoyed the evening time spent with DH and DD. At least he make an effort to go Orchard to fetch me, then to AMK to fetch Beatricem, then back to Orchard to enjoy our dinner and dessert.

Was a little disappointed with DH excuse for not making an effort to take half day off to spend time with me. Then another excuse that I have high taste so he didn't prepare any gift for me. To me it's all EXCUSES!

But he did make it up 2 weeks later after I told him I'm going to blog it down. Haha.. we went shopping together and he got me 2 gifts instead.

CG time

Carrot Cake

Can you believe it, she is eating carrot cake with chilli! She didn't even complain its spicy or her face turns red due to the chilli. Haha... like mommy huh?

ChiChi went to the Vet


I wonder if she was talking or quarreling with the panda bear?


Ball Play


Soft Toys

One of mommy's favorite cartoon character. I put a mickey/minnie mouse everywhere... in my mom's home, the car, our home.

Everytime she sees them, she will smile at them.. so sweet.


Girl Story



Have been busy at work, no time to unload photos and videos. Since I can't work today, decided to update Bea's blog instead with the help of my mum looking after Bea.. haha.

Will be posting some backdated photos and videos of Bea shortly.