Wagons at the Zoo

Decided to rent the wagon for the kids. The kids enjoyed being pulled around but the adults were exhausted at the end of the day. However, still glad that with the wagons, they walked less = less tired = less quarrel??  The weather was great with minimum sun, except for the humidity.

Vivien stayed home with Raemus as he was having fever, Raenen joined us. The kids were keeping a distance away from this human tree at the entrance.

Couldn't get the attention of the kids for a nice shot.  This is the best among the more than 10.

Caelan holding tight to the sides of the wagon as we pulled.

I think they were asking for food.. can't remember. I was just busy snapping away.

Every kid wants a copy of the zoo directory.

With the help of wagon, we could walk from entrance to kidzworld and allowing the kids to see the animals along the way. Resting at the cheetah shade.

Raenen trying to pull Beatrice up the slope.

Had early lunch at kidzworld KFC, followed by water play and bunny feeding before proceeding further. (Will be posting kidzworld in next blog)

Waiting to watch splash safari.

My aunt taking a nap.

Decided to let the kids take turn to sit with different cousins.

Gabby wanted to sit with Beatrice.

Gabby, how about a nice photo in exchange for gummy sweets. :)

Caelan trying to pull the wagon with the 2 jie jie.

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