Additional Ikea Shelf


Decided to reshuffle Beatrice's furniture/toys to make the rooms look neater.  Went to Ikea to buy an additional TROFAST frame to add to her collection for her story books and her school worksheets.

Guess what we had used to place her story books all these years?


If you can recall, Ikea used to have blue/red series plastic shoe rack.  We got it 2 from E&S when they do up their shoe cabinet, dunno what to do with it & thought it's a good idea. :)

Asked Beatrice if she wanted to help mommy with the assemble.  She agreed and helped to pressed down the slot sleeves while I screw it in.

Beatrice having fun with her storage furniture before I resorted out her toys.  Packed some of those toddler toys and books for her nephew, Warren.

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