Brian's Reservist

Today is day 1 of Brian's reservist. It is also our first year with both of us staying at home instead of packing & move to my mom's place. Last year, Brian managed to defer his reservist due to my surgery.

A little out of control on time management this morning, getting Beatrice to wake up earlier than usual, drink her milk & change for school, taking the MRT from home & walking to her childcare. By the time we reached Serangoon station, she said she is hungry cos she has walked & stand, detour to get food for her.

Taking time off to fetch her before the centre close, having a whiny girl from school back home.. on the MRT.. "Mommy, I'm hungry!" I'm very hungry!! No strength to stand."......

Dragging a pre-schooler, listening to her many many excuses, cleaning my perspiration as I walked, feeling dirty by time I reached the office, getting her to eat her dinner, shower & lastly sleep...... Arrgh!!

Gonna have a better plan tomorrow. Taking bus instead of walking in the morning, packing more snack for her so hungry is not what I will hear or at least not a whiny girl with people starring at me in the train?

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