CG Fellowship at Dawn's Place


Since Friday was a public holiday, Dawn invited the CG to her place for a time of fellowship.. swim plus lunch.  It was a pot luck party, every family prepared a food item to bring along.  A time of feasting, there were so many & much food.  Supposed to meet at the pool side but Mr Rain decided to join in the fun.  Met at Dawn's place for lunch instead.

Children came prepared for swim and not wanting to disappoint them, they had a time in the pool when the rain stopped.

All geared up but she is pretty afraid of water.  You will find her at the side of the pool most of the time.

Poor little Seifer, he was freezing cold, daddy Wee Keong has to use 2 covers to warm him.

As for the rest of the kids, I guess fun is more important than feeling cold. Beatrice's lip was literally purple in colour when called her up for shower.

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