FIL Forgetful

Yesterday, work a little late in office, Brian came to fetch me from office, get Don pie for the neighbour as requested by my SIL, met Adren & Sharon on the road, reach my mum's place at 7.20pm.  Looking at the usual spot, Beatrice shoes & bag was not there.  Thinking maybe she had placed it at another place today.  But she didn't come out to say Hi to us & Walda (niece) is in the living room so she can't be in her room.

And low & behold, Beatrice was not at my mum's place that evening!!  Shock!!! Asked Brian to call his dad as the arrangement was for him to pick Beatrice from school & send to my mum's place while we can get the Don pie for my SIL.  He told us he didn't fetch Beatrice!!

We left my mum's place to pick Beatrice from school immediately.  Called the school to confirm she was still around & apologised for being so late.

Reached her school, the whole place was so dark, the only light was the room where Beatrice was waiting patiently with the teacher.  The moment she saw me, she touched her stomach to tell me that she was very hungry.  Apologised to her and brought her back to my mum's place for dinner.

Thank God for good teachers.  Thank God I didn't end work much later.

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