Phuket 2012 (Day 4)

Day 4, our day out islands hop.  I've no idea the name of the 2 islands that we went.

First island, the sand is very rough, full of broken shells & corals.  And as we step into the deeper sea, it is full of rocks.

This is where we get to feed the fishes with the bread we took from the cafe ;p

It's sitting around seeing the ocean and relax our mind.

A beauty snapping our photos with her nice posing.

The kids building their sand empire using bare hands.  We didn't bring their sand play accessories.

Between 1st & 2nd island, was open sea for us to snorker.  I don't have any pic of that, waiting for the rest to pass around the photos.

This is where the boat decided to left us in the open sea & drove to another part which is quite a distance for us to swim over.  And during the swim towards our boat, the 3 adults got stung by jellyfish.  It was huge jellyfish of about 30cm diameter size or so.  What a GREAT experience we had!

It's really thank God the 2 children were protected by Him from any jellyfish sting, only Elaine in the middle got stung. -.-||

It's back to sand play at 2nd island.

Valora took out her pacifer when I wanted to snap her photo.

My dearest Beatrice having "sand bath" at the beach.

Trying out the floating platform which is moving as the wave comes and go.

Found a yellow fish.

Back to the resort hotel pool after showering away the sand.

And not forgetting our massage before ending the day.

Today Beatrice has manicure.

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