From Singapore to Phuket


Going Phuket with part of the gang kids. It's our 2nd trip without DH. He just started a new job & it's not very nice to take leave during probation period.

At Budget Terminal waiting to board the plane.

A long wait for the rest of the families.  They were in the long queue at the immigration.  We filled up the immigration forms fast enough to get through before the long queue started to form.

We collected all the luggage and came out from the immigration with Jenny held back with Mervyn Goh's luggage which the officer had requested to inspect the luggage.

Banthai Beach Resort & Spa.  This is where we will be staying for next 4 days.  According to the Song, they just renovated their front desk area.

This panel light up at night.

Errr... the table became their sleeping seating area?

Pineapple drinks served while we waited for them to settle the documents for check-in.

And cold towel to refresh ourselves.

The mummies who went.

Interior of our room...

A day bed where it can be converted for night use.  So there is no need to pay for extra bed for family of 3.

Beatrice's "personalize" TV!  Who is the pay master for the room?

The view from our balcony.

From Song's room.  They are frequent guests of this resort, they get special decoration.

The lift lobby while waiting for the rest to join in, going out for lunch.

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