Macau/HK - Travelling & Transiting


As promised by the management last year, we will have an incentive trip for the staff this year. Despite the company having to hire more staff for this period of intensive government projects, the management decide that we should just go ahead with the trip as a period of relax during this tense period at work.

This year, we have the biggest group going for the company trip, a total of 40 of us including our spouse and children.

Reporting time at the airport was 5.30AM!! ~yawn~

She does know how to enjoy life, watching cartoon and enjoying her meal on plane.

Waiting to transit to Macau from HK airport.

A total of 5 kids, all around Beatrice's age went for the trip.  Take a look at the boy on the photo above,  his name is Wenhao.  He is only 3 months older than Beatrice BUT he weighs 35KG! with approximate P2 child height.

The girls have fun time together.

To transit to Macau, we need to take a train from the airport to the ferry terminal.

Basically every immigration that we past through, we spent around 2 HOURS waiting for one another plus other hiccups.  One of the reason being we have foreign colleagues & the immigration takes time to ask them questions though a letter from the company have been prepared to indicate the intention of the trip.  But their immigration is also super LONG queue & slow, only 2 counters open for international passports.

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