Macau/HK - Day 3

This morning starts with a dim sum breakfast. As we walked along to our table right in, 1 common sight.. we see uncles and aunties with a pot of tea, a dim sum & reading the newspaper. 2 or 3 on the same table may not know each other at all.

The tour guide brought us to Repulse Bay where many million & billionaires stay. There is a popular temple right there along the beach.

This is also where we took another group photo but this time with a student who is working as part-time cameraman.  Towards the end of the trip, the cameraman brought along the group photo & individual family photo taken to sell to us.  Well, the photos were not cheap, we bought just for the sake that he is a student cos we don't really fancy a temple background.

The girls taking a break while waiting for the uncles & aunties to come out from the temple.

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