Macau/HK - Day 1

We were about 2 hours late than planned itinerary due to long delay in immigration. Check-in to the hotel to refresh, followed by some city tour.

1st stop already to spend money. :)

Beatrice cannot resist the Bak Kwa.  Bought a big piece for her to share with her friends & that piece last her for 3 days, told her I can't bring back to Singapore, she need to either finish it or I will throw.  Actually it's not tasty compare to Singapore version.

On the way to the famous A-Ma Temple in Macau, it's actually across to another island.

Traditional Portuguese house are painted in red.

This it the furthest we went.. outside the temple. Haha!  Many colleagues went in & came out shortly, we are more interested in the snacks down the road.

The weather is simply unbearable compare to Singapore.  Think hardly can find tress compare to Singapore.  That's a good thing about having trees everywhere in Singapore, minus the uproot fallen tree during storm. :)

This is where we got the food for family members, CG & own consumption.  Everyone walked out with a big bag.

The kids looks strong though. it's a empty box actually.  Wanted to pack snacks for colleagues still working in the office. ;p

Venetian Shopping area, this one in Macau is bigger than the one we went in Vegas.  The shopping belt is divided into many wings.

Street performance.

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