Disneyland - Fantasyland

Believe it or not, we literally spent the whole afternoon in Fantasyland & no other place! The girls queue for almost every ride they can find and not to mention we spent time chasing after princesses (next post), that's the main aim of our this trip to Disneyland.

When we went to Japan, the weather was wet & cold plus the crowd, we couldn't find the princesses except Ariel at Seaworld.  Not forgetting to mention to take photo with Mickey & Minnie took us 2 hours to queue.

Cinderalla castle decorated for HK Disneyland 5 years anniversary.

The Chng & Tay family stick together throughout the Disneyland, more kids more fun. Some of the colleagues stayed & enjoyed the rides & some went out to Citygate for some shopping & food.

An advice for all... Bring your own stroller. Though the stroller rental is cheap (after conversion is SGD15) but the big giant stroller is like a big piece of rock, very difficult to manoeuver.

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