Bird Park

23 August 2009

Decided to bring Bea to the Jurong Bird Park since we have the NDP discount booklet for 50% off admission.

We had lunch at Bongo Burgers, the food is slightly more expensive than other fastfood but their serving is bigger and their food taste nice too. Bea likes their crispy nuggets and she ate 5-6 pieces.

Photo of us by Bea. :)

We went back to Bongo Burgers for a break before meeting my in-laws for dinner.

Bea getting bored doing nothing.

DH busy with his work planning.

I was bored too, I went out to the retail shop. Bea went out after a while to look for me but couldn't find me & cried. The staff brought her to the customer service area and gave her a sticker, told her to wait there while they look for me.

I went back to the restaurant and question DH where is her daughter? So busy planning, didn't even realise his girl is gone!

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