Beatrice's Actual Day

22 August 2009

Today is Beatrice's actual birthday. Since it's a Saturday & DH is working, decided to spend some quality time with her.

She wanted to eat Mcdonald. Told her no toy cos she doesn't like the toy so both of us shared a nuggets meal.

Then she said she wanted ice-cream. :)

DH came to pick us up and we headed to expo for church service.

We have Super-mummy (Jenny), super-boy and super-girl! ;p

DH brought us to the end of Punggol Rd, Marina Country Club for dinner. The place was crowded and we waited for quite a while before the food arrived. Bea busy entertaining herself.

Went back home, DH said he bought a slice of cake for Bea. So here they are in PJ, ready to sleep soon.

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