Lego Friends Party is the Theme

Preparation for Beatrice's BIG party.

For the few years that she was in childcare, we have always told her that birthday celebration is within school compound.  She will get to have a BIG party when she turns 6 and subsequently every 6 years.  ;p

The theme was set many months ago... LEGO FRIENDS!!

Lego friends is a new lego bricks design for girls which was released in Jan this year.  With such a short period, there is literally nothing related to birthday party stuff that can be found in party shops or even on US party website.  So I have find ideas to DIY.  Started browsing around for ideas that can be used for the theme.

Party pack

Cutting, wrapping & sticking started from July, a little a day.

The standard lego font found on website.  Friends font is not available yet.


Our friends came over to our place to help us with DIY on national day eve.

Pinata taking shape

Cutting the newspaper for paper mache

Cooking the paper mache paste

Kids decided to help too

Stick it on

Color & paper shimmer added next few days

Cupcake stand

Dismantle 2 sets of Lego friends to build a cupcake stand for the party

2 different shops in 1 stand

The Cafe

Beauty shop

Cupcakes baking in progress.  Thanks to Jenny for her receipe.

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