Full Day Angkor Tour

Queueing up for photo ID ticket to the Angkor Thom.

Our ID tickets.  Beatrice was free admission.

South Gate of Angkor Thom

The lighter colour heads are those that have been replaced.

Opposite side with many missing heads.

Do you know what is this?

Bayon Temple

One of the most popular sites in Angkor complex and over 200 large faces caved on the 54 towers, which at that time represents the 54 provinces in The Khmer Empire.

No cement or motar used in the building, how did the people gets the block stack & shape formed?
Every block has a hole where a long nail is connecting through to the next block.  Amazing engineering!

It's just me and the colleagues while DH accompany Beatrice to find some shade under the trees.  It was a HOT day.

The picture earlier was the shit from this particular animal!
DH said "look like mao shang wang" durian. :(
The elephant ride from south gate to the temple cost USD20!!

USD is used in Cambodia for toursits & only the dollar notes.  Brought some USD coins there, they told me they don't accept.  Things are not cheap there.  You can't find their currency riel at money changer in Singapore.

Some women and men pond

Baphuon Temple

This is one of the temple entry with proper attire only.  Top must cover shoulder & bottom must cover knee cap.  Kids are not allowed to enter.  Probably due to the many steep steps to get to the top.  So DH stay with Beatrice outside while I went with some of the colleagues.

Can you spot Beatrice? Haha!

Walking to the next temple.

Ta Prohm Temple

This is where Indiana Jones was filmed.  Gigantic roots spread over the pillars & walls make this temple stands out from the rest. 

World Heritage of Angkor Wat, one of the "Seven Wonders of the world".

With the lake surrounding the temple & probably after the heavy downpour, it gives a peaceful feeling walking along the path.

What do you think Beatrice was doing?

And she is definitely enjoying it.

Angkor Wat and her reflection... a common picture of Angkor Wat in google. ;p

This is the restricted area with proper attire & kids are not allowed again.
The stairs were built at approximate 45 degree.  It's easy to get up, it's can be scary to get down.  And the railings are not according to BS code design. ;p

Apsara Dance Show

It's a tourist hot spot... buffet dinner and dance show.  The crowd was crazy!  That explained why there is only 1 photo taken.

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