A Day that My Energy Level is Almost ZERO

Royal Palace & Silver Pagoda

 Royal Palace was the official residence of Khmer's King.  He went to China when we were there.

Cambodia's police car

Another place where proper attire is a must before they allow you to enter.

I was having a bad stomach cramp & diarrhea since 5am.  The palace tour guide was spending a long time explaining the details of the palace etc.  Before he could finished, I can't take it anymore, I need to sit down to rest.  Waited patiently near the banana tree for almost 2 hours.

Russian market

It was a bad day for me.  A day filled with shopping itinerary and I can't walk & shop.  :(
A Russian restaurant we managed to find that I can sit down to rest.  The customers are all Ang Mo.

Not for me for sure

The Russian market opposite

Central market

DH & DD joined me to rest at eating place.  This is like a coffee shop, DH tried the Cambodia coffee here.  Didn't manage to snap any pic for that.

Made our way to the airport for our flight back home after that.

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