Mars Needs Moms

Thanks to Klessis, we were invited to "Mars Needs Moms" movie screening together with other bloggers. The movie by Walt Disney was screen in 3D.

A story about Milo's mom nabbed by Martians who plan to steal her mom-ness for their own young. And Milo save his mom with the help of Gribble and a real Martian girl, Ki. Through it, Milo find out how much he needs his mom.

I enjoyed the movie.. A heart-warming movie. Will appreciate my mom even more from now on. The little things that she do for us or the advices that she give.

The animation graphics is beautiful.  I specially like the parts where they show about colours.

Due to my work load, I did not have the chance to watch the trailer online before going for the screening. No chance to explain to Beatrice about the movie. When I told her we are watching Disney movie, she was excited. Her excitement came to an end when Milo chased after the spaceship.  Well, she was not the only one that cried, total of 3 kids cried I think.

I would think that it's a movie more suitable for the adults and the older children.

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