DE 28th Anniversary Celebration


This year celebration was held at RWS. As usual, half day seminar followed by dinner at Fiesta at Festive Hotel.

Director giving a speech on the company, C&S engineering, unity in the company. He had put in a lot of effort to make it more interesting, even ask me to present things about engineering around the world.

Tea break that comes with the booking of the seminar room.

Took this while I was getting bored hearing the senior engineer talked about our many HDB projects requirements. It was dry & he was not prepared.

This is the uncle that makes loud noise pollution at my level. He received his 20 years long service award.

Beatrice presenting her care bear as food!

Pool side BBQ dinner. The whole section was reserved for us.

Beatrice spent the whole night eating corn after corn.. many rounds. :)

And these are mine.

Funny girl, wanting to take photos at the flood light.

After dinner, we walked around checking the surroundings.

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