CNY Eve 2011


The day starts with sending Beatrice to school for her school CNY celebration. Can't remember what I did for the whole morning at home. Anyway, pick her up after school. Brought her to My Village to check out the place and to have some snack before meeting my in-laws for reunion dinner.

Beatrice enjoying Fei Siong giant fish ball & admire herself on the mirror at coffee bean.

You probably has saw my tweet about the early meeting up and waiting outside the restaurant. Was told the dinner starts at 5pm, with typical parents that like to reach early, we make a point to reach there at 4.45pm, only to find out that dinner is at 5.30pm. Well, my in-laws arrived at 4.15am! :(

This is to teach me a lesson to keep reminding Brian to check the timing & not assumed some of those old fixed time. Well, if you have been following my blog, you should have read about occasions where we arrived at dinner place where they had almost finished their dinner.

Went to the nursery to get a mini pot of flowers to brighten the house for the season. Wanted to watch movie at the NEX, only to realise my skirt is torn. My skirt must have hook onto some nail/pole at the nursery which I didn't even know, there was no big pull force at all. Well, it was so bad, I have to throw away the whole skirt.

Paid $5 for this small pot of flower in exchange for my Gap denim skirt. :((

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