Girls Make-Up Session


We had birthday celebration after CG. Christal and Debbie both received their birthday gifts (make-up set & beauty set respectively) and they wanted to open up to play with immediately. Beatrice not wanting to loose out, requested me to take out her make-up to play too.  Denise being the eldest girl ultimately became the make-up artist for the girls.

Denise & Christal

Beatrice & Zoe

Denise: Zoe, do you want me to do make-up for you?

Zoe thinking hard...

Beatrice: Zoe, do you want me to do make-up for you?

And Seifer enjoying his M&M chocolate on the sofa

You might have noticed.. Yes, we open our house for CG in the midst of my hospitalisation leave. Thought we try to get back to 'normal' life asap. Didn't want to just stay home alone and spent time thinking about the whole incident.

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