Beatrice 4th Birthday (Part 3)

Beatrice had her birthday celebration with her little friends in school during lunch hour on Monday.

The cousins party pack were tagged cos Beatrice had specially packed for them.

This year, it's no longer jelly for her birthday. Bought princess figurines for her recently and thought of using them for her birthday as cake toppers. Emailed the lady doing jelly, she didn't answer to my question about the toppers to jelly but instead she simply replied "you can choose from the designs available". So dropped the usual jelly and opted for a cake instead. Googled around and found a blog that does it quite nice. Decided to check out the details and place order if everything goes well, most importantly within our budget. We have another bakery on stand-by if this one fail. Took me 2 weeks to confirm the details. Quite like the design and the chocolate taste was rich.

Her cake with Disney princess figurines.

Other than Raenen celebrating in school for her this year, Gabby came to join the in the celebration too.

We bought a princess backdrop to add to her celebration, didn't turn out so well after all due to the sunlight.

The only thing I didn't like about celebrating in school is the timing. Everything seem to run too fast for me to pause and think I need to capture this & that. Like the cake, there was no time for me to take a picture of the cake before the candles are lighted. Every minute is so precious to the teachers getting the children to eat their meals, get ready for the next schedule etc.

The cousins

One of the rare occasion that she is eating the cake, as in the sponge portion. If you know her well, she normally only eat the cream & leave the sponge.

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