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Is the man in your house like him? He spent the whole night on these except for weekends unless he wants me to scream at him. The good thing is he dislike playing games, to him it is a waste of time. So we don't have any xbox, playstation3, Wii or psp at home. :)

Daily news for DH.. the Straits Times, 联合早报, Today, 我报.. sometimes additonal 晚报. On top of all these, 10pm, 11pm chinese news on TV.. sometimes 9.30pm news on channel 5. Is there so many different news to read & watch? No wonder he is so busy. ;p

Just to add on a little.. DH hardly spent time surfing the internet too. If he needs any info, he opens his mouth to ask the 'information counter'... his wife, ME! :(

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