I went to park the car while DH took his shower. Trice was left to play on her own. She took a pack of milo to drink without our knowledge. And we guess she probably had spill it on the floor and knew that we would scold her so she quickly threw the pack into the dustbin.

When I came back, she ask me for milo so I reply her, "OK, wait a moment, let mummy unpack the bag 1st." Shortly after DH found some stains on the floor & the pack of milo (almost full) in the dustbin. We asked her if she took a pack of milo to drink? She didn't reply. Hmmm.. is she too smart to ask for another milo & covered her early story?

She knew that she is not suppose to drink the packet milo as we had explained to her that those are meant for on the move. Normally when she ask for milo, I would made for her except once when she just had her dinner.

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