Crowded Sunday

The Living Courthouse

DH needed to clear some work in the morning. So I decided to bring Trice to Supreme Court Open House. The crowd was horrifying.. the queue was half the perimeter round the building with u-turns, it took us 30 min to get through the security check into the building.

Wanted to bring Trice to watch the enactment: "Who pushed Humpty?" But the queue was super long & each hearing takes 30min. Gave up! Told Trice, lets walk around the building to answer the quiz & get a souvenir instead.

IT Show 2009

DH picked us up from the Supreme Court & we head down to Suntec for the IT Show. He needed to get a new printer for his office use. HP booth is just right at the entrance but it took us a while just to step in. Trice busy entertaining herself while waiting for DH to settle the payment & freebies.

Later in the evening, we met up with DH's family for dinner. It's been quite a while since we last joined them for dinner. Nowadays, usually we bring Trice to my in-law place for an hour or so instead.

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