P1 Registration

P1 registration in Singapore is really nerve wracking... at least for me for this phase.

Today at 3pm I will be going to witness phase 2C balloting for Beatrice.  4 vacancies vs 9 applicants!!  It is really God this is our desire, what is your plan for Beatrice...  Lead us to where you want her to be. It's only FOUR numbers to be call, can really buy 4D at the end of the day... joking.  The whole process will probably be over in <10min.  -.-||

I've registered in Phase 2B as my hubby is a clan member.  But didnt stand a chance even to ballot at the end of the day due to applicants <1km already more than vacancies.  I don't feel the stress at all cos already know the chance is very slim.

I was just thinking the other day at the school after the registration.  Hubby wants the school to be near my in-law's place due to some future planning so we are registering Beatrice in this particular school.  If my primary school is still around, which is also within walking distance from my in-law's place, I would have gone for phase 2A2.  Totally stress free.  Well anyway, my school doesn't exist anymore, so I can only dream about it.

Already gone through 2 phases, really didn't want to go through another round of registration & balloting.  Of course, we do have some form of back-up plan in case we couldn't get a place for Beatrice in this school.  But I prayed that today will be the end of this registration thing for us.  No Phase 2C Supp!

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