Balloted In!

Beatrice is balloted in for CHIJ OLGC. PTL!!

Thank you... our friends who have been praying for us.

This is how I feel right in the AVA room where the balloting was conducted.  I had placed my bet (my girl's 6 yrs of education) on Roulette game.  Instead of choosing odd/even numbers (schools within 1km), we chose a single number (school >2km) & pray to God for a mircale.  And we really need that miracle!

To be truth, we have another CHIJ which is exactly at 1km from our home, and it is a confirm sure can get in school if we register there.  It is not that OLGC is better but we are planning ahead, our plans for next year onwards which explain why DH is taking the risk to register at a school which might not even stand a chance based on history (balloting for 1-2km).  We rely purely on God & the new SC priority.

I was there to register for Beatrice last Wednesday afternoon & I waited till 4.30pm when Phase 2C registration closed before leaving the place.  DH said just leave that place but I seriously was fearful Beatrice will not even get a chance to ballot.  At the point when I registered, no balloting was required.  By 4pm, more SC parents who are staying nearer to school came to register.  That pushed us to the balloting category.

Before phase 2C started, I had wrote in to OLGC seeking their help to get Beatrice on waiting list etc.  The admin staff was very nice in providing me with infomation & updates which I asked for to decide if to proceed with registration, to withdraw or to hang on with balloting etc.  I read from forum that the school was one of those that was secretive in disclosing no. of SC & PR applicants etc.  Thanks OLGC.

This is the new balloting "bingo" wheel that is used throughout Singapore schools that is conducting balloting at any phase.

Beatrice ball ID #4.

Beatrice's name is highlighted to indicate she is balloted in.

After the balloting...
DH: Did you saw the cell with Beatrice's name click before the ball was roll out?
I: Yes, I did.
DH: It's God's divine move, pre-select her. :)

This is her school.  It looks clean & new as they went through PRIME & shifted back in 2007.

Just some facts.  2006 have 825 more babies compare to 2005.  Parents this year are feeling more stress than last year.  There is enough places for everyone, it is just a matter of which school & what distance of travel you wanna choose.  Next year for those born in 2007, there are additional 1173 more babies compare to 2006.

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