Shower Mixer Finally say "Bye"


It's been weeks that I had mentioned to DH about the shower mixer gonna give way soon, as it has become difficult to adjust the hot & cold water. Last night it has finally give way. The tap cannot be turn off at all and we have to turn the main off & go into water ration. :(

We have pail of water in the kitchen for consumption.

In the toilet for flushing.

Dirty clothes piling up.

Dishes lying in the sink to be wash at one go later.

Have you heard how we took our shower?  Switched on the main, jump into the shower, quick dry after and rushed out to turn off the main again.  Imagine the amount of water wasted.  We tried to save the water with the pails but we only have 3 pails at home.

You may ask why didn't I called up the plumber?  I think I can DIY since I had changed the washer tap before my parents shifted in temporary 5 years ago.  Just that we need to buy the tap and get it change tonight after we get home.

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