A Hanging Wall Socket

How dangerous can this be??  I have a hanging wall socket in Beatrice's room ever since my guests helped discovered this mystery.  This is a wall socket we don't use at all.

I opened up the wall socket to realise it is a problem created back during construction period.  There is a missing tiny piece which I supposed the contractor lost it & simply dig a hole to stuck that screw in.

I wrote in to HDB branch office with the photos and explained that it is a clear picture of construction problem 5 years ago. Please do not tell me it is no longer under warrenty of HDB and don't tell me it's my problem since I've finished paying my flat.

The HDB officer called back to arrange their term contractor to come check it out.  I told the term contractor to get the pictures I had sent to HDB so that he understand my problem.

Last Saturday they came, immediately changed a new wall socket & resolve the problem correctly.

Thanks to HDB. :)

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