Christal 6th Birthday


Jenny signed the kids up for cupcake baking & decorating at Robinsons. However, Christal was down with high fever 2 days earlier and her fever was still up & down today. They decided that we should still go ahead since she had paid for it but without the birthday girl.

The cupcake was a disappointment compare to the cookie session few weeks earlier. The frosting doesn't harden and we end up with a mess of cupcakes. It's taste is full of egg and we later found out that they actually uses a lot of eggs in the baking.

We had lunch, followed by coffee while waiting for 3pm for a picnic at Botanic Garden. We skipped the picnic part to visit DH's friend's father who just went through a ballooning of his artery.

We joined them later at Song's house for 3rd part of the party.

Homemade cupcakes from our very own chef, Jenny.

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