Walda, My Niece


Walda, my niece, the new addition to the family. Borned on 26-08-2010.  Today the family celebrated her first month.  As usual, we had buffet from Neo Garden.

Was busy catching up with my cousins during the lunch, didn't managed to take out my camera to snap any photos till majority of the guests had left.  These are all I have with the few guests left.

Beatrice trying to get Walda's attention.

Let's try poking her on her face.

How about going round & round her head.

Mei mei, can you see me?

My dad with Walda. My mum commented, this is a rare sight, only seen these few years.  According to my mum he don't carry my brother & I when we were infants. But he will make a point to carry his grandchildren.

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