Mid-Autum Festival (2010)

Brian was in reservist, met up with the cousins at AMK to bring the kids for a walk in the park with their lanterns.

Like this one.. both of them look so loving :)


Too tired?

Full moon

We passed by a shelter full of aunties & uncles and they gave the kids 2 sparkles stick to play.  They were afraid of the fire initially, Beatrice then wanted to try holding it for the 1st time.  They got excited & wanting to play more.  We travel back to my aunt's place to play with the pack that she had bought for the kids.

2nd half of sparkles stick.  My aunt was sharing the one that she bought produce less smoke compare to the earlier one that they played at the park.  And of course it was slightly more costly.


After a while, they started swinging the stick.  We warned them not to or we will have to stop the play before it hurt someone.

Another nice shot.  Vivien was holding 1 stick but it created a nice sparkles.

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