I want My Mei Mei

I was just out of the op theatre 3 hours ago, chatted with visitors, yet to get thoughts in order. Beatrice asked us questions about her mei mei, we were not mentally prepared at all.

She has been to hospital with me to see newborn babies, I guess she is expecting to see her mei mei that evening too.

Bea: Mommy, where is my mei mei? I want to see mei mei.
Mom: Mei mei went to heaven to be with Jesus.
Bea: (think..) Mei mei coming back later?
Mom: Beatrice, Mei mei is not coming back.
Bea: (think..) We will go look for mei mei?
Mom: We will get to see mei mei in heaven when we grow old.
Bea: Grow old?
Mom: Yes, when we grow old & meet Jesus in heaven, mei mei will be there.

I was holding on to my tears when she asked me these questions. Not once, but many times. At her age, she don't really understand about pregnancy & death. So the questions just keep coming back to her mind. She is still asking about her mei mei, when is mei mei coming back, can we see her etc.

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