My iPhone Went "Swimming"

The act of wanting to wash my hands & pick up my ringing phone at the same time.

During Ps Phil night session in Asia Conference, my iPhone decided to go for a "swim" in the sink. YES! Dropped in. The phone went blackout. Spent some time standing in front of the hand dryer, trying to dry the inside until the hand dryer was heat up & sensor no longer respond. :((

Managed to see the screen back after a while, but cos it was not fully dry, the phone auto restart & blackout, restart & blackout.

After the session, went back home, used the hand dryer to dry the internal parts by leaving it on at low heat & turning to different angle everytime we walk by for about 30mins.

Praise God! My phone resurrected. Everything was back to normal again. Felt so alive again. :))

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