Beatrice's Millstones

2 millstones during the episode of HFMD.

1) Bea no longer sucks her thumb to sleep. :)

At 2 months old, she refused the pacifier and only wanted her thumb as comfort. No matter how we tried to give her the pacifier again, she simply rejected it. So since 2 months old, she has this habit of sucking her thumb when she sleeps. We have been scratching our head how to get rid of this habit. The idea came during the HFMD.

We explained to her that she uses her hands to touch everything, anything. And before she clean her hands, she put it into her mouth. That could be a course of the ulcers in her mouth. After hearing us, she say she will stop sucking her thumb when she sleeps. :)

2) Bea no longer drinks powder milk.

Her milk powder is up to 3 years old. And we wanted to change her to fresh milk, just like us. With the painful ulcers, we encouraged her to drink chilled fresh milk. So since then, she starts drinking fersh milk. :)

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