HFMD Again

Trice is down with HFMD. Today is the 3rd day, praying her ulcers will get better so that she could eat, else she is super grouchy. My mum is helping me for these 3 days, Trice is super sticky to her and her tears like tap water. My mobile will ring every 1-2 hour with my mum's complains.

Trice is case #4 in school. This time round, the virus was going aroud sliently, no fever or spots for case #1 initially. Friday, Trice didn't go to school as we were setting off to KL. Saturday evening, received an sms from school that 1 case reported on Friday evening. Thought it was OK, since Trice was away from school on Friday. Didn't expect the virus to be spreading since Wed/Thu?

Do keep us in prayer if you are reading my blog. Also the Choong family cos we stayed at their place in KL and Trice had fun time with their children. Really don't want their children to get the virus also especially they have very young ones. Thanks!

Will be back to update my blog when things are more settle with Trice.

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